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  1. Here is the first installment of the new project myself and my friend Alain Mitchell are working on titled “Of The Initiated.” I hope we can continue to add to this series with some of the fascinating characters in the martial arts scene here in NYC.

    That being said the first episode is of my very good friend Eric Yevak who just moved away to Minneapolis to work towards his education and art mastery. Hope you guys enjoy!   


  2. So after printing what seemed like over a dozen Tyson and Muhammad Ali shirts, "Roots Of Fight" no turns it’s attention to the amazing Roy Jones Jr. Who many of you would be surprised to hear is traumatizing grown men in the squared circle. Roy just walked through Egyptian champion, Hany Atiyo with a devastating body shot in the first round.  

    I like this shirt and you should too unless you have terrible taste in men’s wear. Here’s one of my favorite highlight’s of Roy toying with trained killers. 


  3. I am so happy to have this opportunity to sit down and talk with people that I find so interesting and inspiring. This is the teaser video for our podcast with one of my personal hero’s, Jeffrey Lewis

    Jeffrey is a NYC based indie rock/anti-folk musician as well as an amazing comic artist who I’ve been following for almost ten years. He personifies the humble expression of ones honest ideas and thoughts through his art.

    Hope you guys enjoy the video, Jeffrey was nice enough to sing for us my favorite song of his “Don’t Let The Record Label Take You Out To Lunch.”  Please be sure to subscribe to our YouTube page so we look cool.

    Click here to listen to the new episode on iTunes!


  4. Other than the Tito vs Lee Murray incident in England, no other street altercation between 2 pro MMA fighters has had as much attention brought to it than the time Nick Diaz and Joe Riggs went at it inside a hospital. I think what make’s this case so interesting is they had just fought one another inside the Octagon earlier that night.

    Here’s a cool little animation of the radio show they both went on to describe the events of that night. I really enjoy how in both stories, Nick comes out looking like a lunatic.  


  5. Here I am thinking I’m all strong by doing a bunch of push up’s everyday and then i come across this and now I feel like an anemic 4 year old. I have to admit, some of these exercises I didn’t think were even possible.

    Even though he’s a breakdancer he’s doing this all in an MMA gym so I hope he does some kind of training, it would seem like a waste to be that physically dominant and not use it to choke people. Fokai never die!



  7. I’ve been testing out a daily push up challenge for myself, nothing crazy just a way to make sure I clock in a certain number of push up’s a week. I got the idea from Robert Cheeke who has been doing an average of 140 push up’s for 376 days in a row. 

    After a week of completing 100 standard grip push up’s a day I started to change up not only the amount but style as well. I did wide grip, diamond grip, hindu, Iranian twisting push up’s and even finger tip push up’s. Now I am going to shoot for 1 armed. These have always been out of my ability but after reading this article I know I will be able to follow through. I just have to watch one of the training montage’s in Rocky.   


  8. I know that I am as guilty as anyone for poking fun at TapouT and the image it sells as well as the type of person who consumes their product but I do respect them for how these 3 guys came out of nowhere to build the biggest brand name in MMA.

    In episode 2 of Bobby Razak’s series “Shift” he sits down with Dan Caldwell, affectionately known as “Punkass”. As the cruise the streets of LA, Dan talks his early days as a police officer, his many businesses as well as the importance of his Tony Robbins tapes.


  9. Hello my friends, I come bearing gifts! I not only present to you the new episode of the Walking Alone podcast featuring my good friend  Ivan Jimenez, the man behind the very cool street wear brand "Skulls NYC." We also made a little teaser/behind the scenes video for you guys so you can see what the process looks like from our angle. 

    Ivan is a great dude who’s work speaks for itself. He resides in LA now with his amazing wife Sandra and his one eyed pit bull, Mina, where he creates his line of 5 panel hats and accessories and train BJJ. 

    It was cool to do a podcast with the guest’s wife and parents in the room with us, definitely a first. Hope you enjoy the music, it’s called “Palms” by my friends, Go Deep, they’re wonderful and you should listen to them. Be sure to check out his site and support! Also please take a second and like not only the YouTube page but try to rate, review and subscribe to the podcast, it helps! I love you.


  10. My fingertips pruned and peeled from the hours of gripping, sliding and pulling the gi, I had such a great time today at the Ricardo Almeida seminar at Williamsburg MMA. Spending time around someone so intelligent, skilled and prolific is nothing short of inspiring. Thank you very much to both prof Ricardo Almeida and Roger Mamedov for a great day of expanding my enthusiasm and understanding of this beautiful art. 


  11. The MMA god’s really do work in mysterious ways. A day after taking away one of the most anticipated rematches in Jones vs Gustafsson 2 because of an injury to Alex, they offer us the gift of the un-retirement of Nick Diaz. Today Nick signed a 3 fight deal with the UFC and says he’s ready to go tomorrow if need be.

    They’re still rumors of a match up between Nick and Anderson Silva but Anderson won’t be ready until around the Super Bowl card so Nick may jump into the Octagon before then. Here are some potential match up’s I’d like to see.

    Nick Diaz vs Johny Hendricks. Pretty obvious, Johny is the champ and I am a Nick Diaz fan.

    Nick Diaz vs Tyron Woodley. Tyron is coming off a devastating loss to Rory MacDonald and this fight seems to make sense to me for both parties involved. I think seeing how ineffective Tyron was against the forward pressure of Rory, he will have a very hard time against the king of pressure Nick. Unless Tyron learned from his past short comings and can now adapt to that style. 

    Nick Diaz vs Hector Lombard. Now the rumor was that this fight was offered to Nick and he turned it down, I’m not sure if it was because Hector wasn’t a big enough name or the money wasn’t right but I think Nick’s style flourishes against big powerful fighters who can usually dominate they’re opponents with one to two punch combo’s. It would be especially interesting to see how and if this goes to the ground, Judo vs BJJ.  


  12. Interesting information from the good people at Skratch Labs. They certainly know what they’re talking about when it comes to the human body and hydration so I’m going to really pay attention to this and I advise you to do the same. 

    If your at lunch and your options are coconut water or a soda, please go for the coconut water but in long training sessions let’s try something better. 


  13. I’m sitting here basically shaking and sweating over my excitement of Metamoris 4 and how close we are to seeing it live. They have put on such great cards so far and I think this might be the best one yet. 

    Watching all of their awesome teaser’s for the matches has taken up most of my morning but I’m fine with that. Kit Dale, a grappler I honestly don’t know that much about will take on Garry Tonon. This match was canceled last week apparently because Kit wasn’t able to schedule filming or something but it seems like the match is back on. Should be an exciting back and forth battle. 

    Then the redux of Keenan Cornelius vs Vinny Magalhaes from Metamoris 3 which wasn’t able to happen because of a MRSA infection on Vinny. I like both of these guys and think it’s going to be Keenan’s non stop attack that may bring him the win but I won’t be surprised by a draw.

    The old school legends will also be competing when Saulo Ribeiro takes on Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros, this will be an awesome display of the basic’s preformed at the highest caliber. 

    One of the more intriguing match up’s is MMA star Josh Barnett vs Dean Lister. Both accomplished grappling bad ass’s, it’s going to be interesting to see how these guys attack each other’s legs. I think this will be the most hard nose’d match of the night.

    Then the main event, Andre Galvao vs Chael Sonnen. I really hope Chael’s newly passed down 2 year suspension from MMA in Nevada doesn’t weigh to heavy on his mind so that it hinder’s his training for this match. I see this going about the same as Galvao vs Chris Weidmen at ADCC back in 2009. 

    That’s not all folks, there is also a “Secrete Match” on the card, there are rumors of past Metamoris commentator Kenny Florian competing as well as UFC fighter Martin Kampmen. Either of these guys would be great to watch, I have a feeling it will be Rickson vs both Miyao brothers but I guess only time will tell.


  14. In my adult life, having to deal with small talk within the day, the question will eventually  pop up of “What’s your favorite movie?” For a split second I think about giving an answer that would let these strangers know they are in the presence of someone who is a true appreciator of the art’s (Ex: “Blank City, “Les Bonne Femme” or “Valhalla Rising”) but then I remember to be true to myself and I yell “FIGHT CLUB!!!” 

    Seems like their will finally be a sequel to the cult film, but it will come to us in comic book version by Dark Horse Comics and illustrated by Cameron Stewart within the year. Let us all celebrate by getting in a fight with a complete stranger and lose. Remember, don’t talk about this.


  15. What’s that? You would love to see Overeem, Clay Guida and Donald Cerrone playing frisbee? Well are you in luck my strange desired friend! The new and long awaited episode of THE REEM is now here for our viewing pleasure.

    In this installment we catch up with our horse meat eating hero as he transitions into a new training camp and fights ex heavy weight champion Frank Mir at UFC 169. Alistair also take’s some much needed time off and travels to Jamaica to see his father and learn more about his roots.

    I’ve watched every episode of this series, I really enjoy what Elder Gross is doing with this and I think it’s going to be a really special project to look back on years from now. Hope you guys enjoy, also keep an eye out for a cameo from my buddy Akria Corassani!