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  1. In these recent years MMA has exploded in popularity, with it comes big brands looking to capitalize on the popularity of the sport. We’ve seen Under Armour, Gatorade and even Nike jump on the MMA bandwagon. I really enjoyed this ad from Adidas, the cold and battered setting, the gym full of kids and especially the music.

    Adidas is no stranger to the combat sports world, they have been manufacturing boxing gloves to Judo gi’s for a long time now but recently they have been pushing hard to put a stand in combat sports. They have added to their pro team names like Luke Rockhold, Wayne Barret and Clark Gracie. 




  3. Please join me in the amazingly awkward journey that is known as “The Renato Laranja Show.” The Andrew Dice Clay of MMA, Renato sit’s down with retired UFC star Chris Leben to talk at him about his inability to win fights agains black guys, his openness to homosexual experimentation and his problems with drug use.

    At this point I’m not sure what these fighter are expecting when they agree to be on the show. Do they know the gag? Do they even know who Renato is? Either way it make’s some interviewing magic because I don’t find anything funnier than a trained cage fighter looking around dumb founded by the disrespect of another grown man. 

    This episode is great, not to mention the amazing performance from Josh Barnett in their parody of “Brokeback Mountain.” Since this is the first episode in a different location Renato was still able to bring us the same level of guest uncomfortability, instead of the book under the chair cushion, they decided to just have a fire place going full bore in summer day in San Diego. 


  4. The curious case of K-1 Max 2014

    Strange things are afoot at the K-1. This past Saturday Buakaw Banchamek fought Enriko Kehl for the K-1 World Max title in Pattaya, Thailand. Everything was pretty normal during the fight. A couple of dudes in shiny shorts threw some punches, some knees, some kicks, and some throws. You know, normal kickboxing stuff. 

    At the beginning of round one Kehl came out with guns blazing making it apparent that he did not want to get overwhelmed by Banchamek. As most of you know Banchamek, like most Thai nak muays, starts pretty slow and Kehl tried to use this to his advantage. However it didn’t take long for Buakaw to figure out Kehl’s timing begin to land those Thai style power shots that he is famous for. I am a huge Buakaw fan and like to see my dude win, but even without my bias toward him I had him ahead on the score cards after the third round. Under K-1 rules if a winner cannot be decided upon by the judges the fight is considered a draw and goes to an extra round. This is what happened on Saturday. This is also where things got strange.

    Before it was even announced that there would be an extra round, Buakaw and his camp were nowhere in sight, and after the announcement was made that there would be an extra round the announcer said that Banchamek and his camp had left the building. No extra round, and Enriko Kehl was crowned the new K-1 Max 2014 champ. As of today no official statement has been released from Buakaw or his camp, but K-1 put out this statement regarding Saturday’s event. So far there has been speculation about issues with gambling, fight fixing, and legal issues with K-1, but nothing has been confirmed by either side. This whole thing stinks of moldy tangerines, because both men are talented fighters and things like this are very bad for the sport. Watch the fight for yourself, after all it was a good fight. I hope they get to the bottom of this soon.



  5. After that last post I made about Golovkin, I fell into a rabbit hole of YouTube video’s about GGG’s techniques and highlights. Something that happens quite often to me but sometimes I stumble on some great stuff, like this film study of GGG’s use of “Shifting.”

    Shifting is basically when you pivot on your lead foot so you move forward into your opposite stance while punching. Apparently this was a widely used technique back in the day and has somehow been forgotten. I played a little with using shifting on Sunday and I gotta say I enjoyed the options it presented as well as the ability to close distance so quickly.

    If you can add this to your game, using it sparingly so your opponents don’t expect it, it can be a very cool weapon to have in your arsenal. I think to add this as an MMA fighter, which I am, we have to be consciences of the big danger points with shifting within the rules of MMA. One would be the split second your hips or even so your opponent can’t capitalize on wresting takedowns. Hope you try shifting and it helps you punch people in the face more.      



  6. I don’t know what kind of dumb luck I’ve had, but in the last 5 apartments I’ve lived in my bedroom window always faced east so my room would be brightly lit by 7 am. I know most adults have to be up at that time but that’s not the way I live my life.

    The way I figure it, if I can’t always get the right quantity of hours of sleep I might as well learn to maximize the quality of sleep I get. I know what your thinking, that Diego is one intelligent, handsome and humble man. Well thank you for your kind words.

    Here is a nice breakdown of twelve steps (not those steps) you can take to improve the quality of your sleep as well as insuring you fall asleep sooner. The only thing I would add that has helped me is a cup of ginger tea with apple cider vinegar. 


  7. How do you not love Gennady Golovkin? An unassuming, mild mannered kid that looks like he should be delivering you your daily newspaper not throwing knock out hooks to grown men’s faces. Golovkin affectionally referred to as “GGG” and “Good Boy” has an astonishing and terrifying 90% knock out percentage (MIke Tyson’s was 89%). 

    Personally I’m not really a fan of rap music made after 1993 but since this is an ode to GGG I’ll let it go. GGG will step into the ring on October 18th to face Marco Antonio Rubio in Carson, California to defend his middleweight championship title. I try my best to tune in whenever GGG fights but seeing as “The Pilipino Flash,” Nonito Donaire will look to unify the featherweight world titleon the same card, I will make damn sure my ass in in front of a TV that night. 

    As an MMA fighter and fan, I think a layperson may assume I dislike boxing and want MMA to be the only combat sport out there. Not true, I very much enjoy watching almost all forms of combat. That being said, I will still have the thought, “Yeah, but what’s his ground game like?” run though my head at 5 to 10 minute intervals throughout the night. 



  8. Movement

    I always find it strange that today in the US so little emphasis is put on the importance of body movement. Sometimes I’ll see a video posted of a small child dancing or figuring out how to pilot their meat mech, and they are usually pretty good at it. Then they go to school and have around 45mins(if they are lucky) to spend in P.E. class lead by an algebra teacher with a whistle who is just there to tell the kids when its time to go back to “real” class. Let me say that this is not a post about poor educators, its just my rant about the system as a whole. So after a few years kids stop playing and moving. Then they become over stressed adults who sit in offices all day with no physical outlet. In my experience being active is the best stress reliever not just because I train martial arts and get to hit things, but mostly because it makes me focus on the present moment. Time and time again I see people getting stressed or putting emphasis on things that are so strange to me. One of my favorite stand up comics, Duncan Trussell, once said “turn off your temporal peripheral” which basically means stop worrying about stuff you did and stuff that you are going to do. The only thing you can change is what you do now. Training in martial arts, yoga, dance, etc. are all exercises in being present as well as exercises in sharpening your skills. If I every have something that is weighing heavily on my mind, nine times out of ten I will come to a solution after a nice hard training session. Movement is important. The universe gave us some pretty cool bio machines to pilot. Use them, have fun with them, hit some pads, roll with your friends, karate chop some wood, and exercise focusing on where you are in the present.  …also eat some pizza because pizza is amazing.



  9. This guy broke the first 2 rules, YOU DON’T TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB! New York City is a magical place. Some days you can walk through a movie set filled with A list actors, you could stumble upon some amazing street performers dancing for money but then some days you can be acosted and harassed by seemingly insane homeless people.

    My friend and UFC fight Rafael “Sapo" Natal was just strolling his way through Chelsea before this gem of a human proposed a wrestling match to him, either on the grass or right here on the ground. Not to mention he name drops another friend and training partner, none other than Frankie Edgar, someone who fights 3 weight classes lower than Sapo.

    This, albeit a bit silly, is still a good example of one of the greatest benefits of training in martial arts. To be so comfortable and confident in who you are and what you can do, you can chose to not fight. So go train hard so you can laugh off insecure jerks who want to cause problems.    


  10. I’m going file this article under “I wish I was smarter,” but I think I got the gist of it. Being hydrated can help us stay alert and mentally sharp, big surprise but being over hydrated can also hinder our cognitive function.

    Unfortunately for most of us, it’s easier to either do too little or even too much but to find a balance is  for some reason much more difficult. I know a lot of athlete’s like to brag about how they drink over a gallon of water a day. To me, it always seemed like overkill, why make your kidney’s work so hard unnecessarily.

    i like to drink a big glass of water the minute I wake up, a glass before meals and a glass before bed. Not counting training, I basically keep it pretty simple, if I’m thirsty I’ll drink water. I should read more scientific studies because I had to read this more than once. I bet your thirsty right now. 


  11. This hardly counts as an article but if you’ve been around those kind of guys who like to let everyone around them who they could beat up, it becomes apparent we should be working towards stopping them. Let’s be clear I’m not saying I don’t do this but I do it silently, in my mind weighing and judging almost every guy that I see but I hold inside. 

    The basic breakdown of whether or not I can beat up a stranger is, does said stranger have cauliflower ear?


    Then yes, yes I think I can. 

    The stranger does have cauliflower ear?

    Then yes, I think I can beat him up but it will be way more interesting. 

    Does this make me a jerk?



  12. Since I don’t want to end my night with a negative post, I bring you this ridiculous parody of Street Fighter 2. Living here in NYC I have to deal with quite a bit of congestion and traffic but never do I have to worry about fighting livestock on my way to brunch. 

    I’m not sure what agitated this simple beast to such extent but I like to think someone in the neighborhood had been putting a little saddle on him or her for the kids to ride. Also how sweet were “Bad Hero’s” front kicks? 

    I don’t eat animals nor do I wear leather or go to zoo’s but if this thing came charging towards me you’d be goddamn to think I’m just going to stand there and miss an opportunity to sink a guillotine on a wild animal! Just for the sake of the story,

    Friend 1 - “Did you hear who Diego submitted the other day?”

    Friend 2 - “No,who?”

    Friend 1 - “A Goat…”

    Friend 2 - “…wait, what?”



  13. Okay, congratulations guy’s, we did! We made BJJ a joke. I haven’t posted a “(Insert MMA/BJJ brand name) Needs To Relax” post in quite some time but goddamn it Modern Flow, you need to RELAX. A Ninja Turtles inspired gi, really? Look I loved the show too when I was a kid but were going overboard. If you buy this please e-mail me so I can make fun of you. Also if you buys this with plans to wear it as a Halloween costume, please e-mail me so I can make fun of you for paying almost $200 dollars for a Halloween costume. 

    I don’t mean to come off too negative or angry but shit like this bums me out. Imagine what Rickson would think if he saw you in this! Buy a $70 plain white gi and spend the rest on private lesson’s. 




  15. Just in case there is one or two people left out in internet-land who have not yet watched the trailer for the new “Thug Kitchen” cook book here you go! For a few years now TK has been putting out both funny and nutritional recipes on their blog and they have been gaining a lot of attention with their distinct style of marketing.

    I’ve seen a few keyboard warriors dismissing TK and their foul langue but we have to understand that we are not all the same, what may offend one person may attract another. There are a plethora of G rated vegan cook books out there, come to think of it, every single other vegan cook book is G rated! 

    This makes me laugh and they have really awesome and simple recipes, if it helps a few people try a new vegan meal here or there that’s more than fine with me. The book drops this month, you can pick up a copy here