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  1. Hey kid’s, I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted, life’s been pretty hectic but I come to you with our newest podcast guest how-to video. This week we talk again with our friend Emily Bearden. Emily is a fighter and instructor out of Five Points Academy here in NYC and is sharing with us one of her favorite strikes, the lead leg teep kick. Please be sure to subscribe to the youtube page and thumbs up the video so more people can see it and fill the void in my heart.


  2. Running, jogging, road work, what ever you want to call it is a long time tradition in the combat sports world that to be in peak fight shape you have to wake up at the crack of dawn and go out to the streets for a slow paced run. I personally have never enjoyed jogging but I assumed that was kind of the point. I believe deeply in “suck” training, doing a activity in discomfort to gain from the mental strength gained from it. 

    I’m not going to say I buy everything from this article but it brings up great questions, especially with how much my cardio has improved by doing sprints instead of an hour long jog. 


  3. Is there anything better than getting completely pumped by watching an MMA fighter highlight or in this case, trailer for their upcoming documentary? “Notorious” brings us into the world of Conor McGregor, the fast talking and even faster rising star in the UFC’s featherweight division. 

    Out of John Kavanagh’s Straight Blast Gym, Conor has been on a tear and is not only impressing people with his aggressive fighting style, his fancy clothes but his ability to sell himself as a entertainer. I’m looking forward to watching this one! 


  4. It may seem crass but knowing how to poop is somewhat overlooked as a skill in our culture. I love all things dealing with the Samurai class and how they went number 2 still falls into the parameters of my respect for these warriors. Personally I’ve never had any problems on the porcelain throne but maybe this helps you not strain and hurt yourself in the future. Oh and if you attack someone on the john, you’re a real piece of shit.  


  5. I’ve written in the past about the legendary boxing mind Cus D’amato but this documentary on Cus and his stable of fighters in Catskill’s New York is amazing. I have a fascination  with becoming process and journey to becoming elite, in whatever facet but especially in combat sports and to be able to see some of the things this man did with his pupils are a gift for future generations of fighters to come.


  6. It’s pretty awesome to have talented friends, this is my new custom mouthguard case by Mina Aoki, an amazing tattoo artist here in NYC. It is difficult to tell by the photo but this wasn’t done with a pen or sharpie, this was actually tattooed onto the case itself. It’s pretty safe to say I have the coolest mouthguard case ever. That’s all. 


  7. It’s unfortunate that when a person, after time and new found information decides to change their mind on a given subject that they may have given their opinion on in the past, that person is now seen as unreliable or even incompetent. To me, it shows character, the ability to be open to new data and be humble enough to recant on prior ideas and push forward with the new intelligence that could benefit people.

    Dr. Gabe Mirkin, the godfather of the “RICE” method (Rest Ice Compression Elevation) has now learned the problems of icing and now comes to us with information that shows other options that can be better for the healing process than his old way. 

    I posted a couple video’s a while back from the Supple Leopard himself, Kelly Starrett on this very topic itself and how heat and compression therapy has been shown to help reduce healing time. I have had nothing but positive results with this method, I hope you guys try it out and see how it can help you.


  8. Everyone has there limit, you can only push a person so far until they snap. It’s no different in the world of Dog Judo. Bloodbath and Naked Reg’s interest in Rexley’s sister Rexanne, whom may or may not be too friendly with her brothers acquaintances, we don’t judge here at Walking Alone.


  9. I may not train in “Traditional” martial arts like Kendo but damn it do I find video’s like this immensely inspiring and fun to watch. The Eastern culture and philosophy is so intoxicating to me, the honor, respect and the simple pursuit of daily perfection is something I would like to have more of in my own life. 

    This short video of Sensei Kato says so much about the mind and spirit of the warrior, the fighter, the Samurai. Something about devoting yourself to something so difficult and trying to be as honest in the quest I find deeply romantic. I hope you guys enjoy this and start waving your broom sticks in the air around your bedrooms. 


  10. If you’re in the NYC area this weekend and have no plans do I have a treat for you! Come train and learn from some of the best fighters on the planet as they share some insight into how they have climbed the ranks of the MMA world at the Paradise Warrior Retreat. Not only will Master Renzo Gracie, UFC middleweight Champ Chris Weidman, former UFC lightweight champ Frankie Edgar, Edson Barboza, World Series Of Fighting’s Marlon Moraes but the man himself coach Mark Henry will be dishing out his boxing genius. I might be there training if things work out.  


  11. No one who is great, at any endeavor gets there alone, there is almost always a great man or woman in the background, whispering in the star’s ear, reminding them what to focus on and why they are there.

    In the eye’s of most, Mike Tyson is one of the greatest boxers of all time He was no different from those who came before him, he had a great trainer and mentor helping him along the way.

    Cus D’Amato, did some genius things to ensure Tyson would live up to the potential he saw in the young man. Surprise, surprise almost all of what Cus passed on to Tyson was mental, exercises to strengthen the mind for battle. Read and learn my friends.


  12. I try to learn as much as I can about fighting from things that have nothing to do with fighting. Either from books about running, documentaries about football or in this case a short video about creative work (writing implied). Ira Glass the mind behind the amazingly popular NPR show "This American Life" talks about the struggle between being a novice and working past the point he refers to as “The Gap”

    It’s the time and space where you know your work isn’t as good as you think it can be, and the terrible fact that most of us quit before we get to live up to our taste or potential. This is an awesome video and I think you should watch it more than once. Then go listen to “This American Life” because it’s fantastic.


  13. There are people you meet in your life whom you may not to spend very much time around but leave a deep impression on you. My friend Chris Matakas is one of those people. A Ricardo Almeida brown belt and instructor, Chris is an amazing example of a man that has given himself completely to martial arts and become better for it.

    Every time I am lucky enough to see Chris, he ALWAYS has a smile and a hug for you, he is so genuinely happy to see you it’s contagious. I remember a long time ago I asked my hockey coach what makes a player great? His responded by saying “A player that makes everyone around him better.” That’s exactly what Chris is, that spark in the gym that makes everyone better because he wants to see everyone grow and live to their potential.

    Chis has now written a book titled "My Mastery" and I really want all of you to pick it up, not only because this is my friend and I want to see him driving around in a Maserati (Even if he had the money I doubt he would be caught dead in one) but because I think he can help you. He can help us, be happier, be better, be more courageous to follow our dreams. I just ordered my copy, I just hope he signs it for me when I see him!


  14. Before he steps into the cage tonight to take on ex-training partner Patrick Cummings, we follow Daniel Cormier during the last two days before his first weigh in at light heavyweight. Esther Lin does an amazing job capturing all the emotions that come into play during the final days before a fight. I love that she not only narrates these photo’s but also has little sound clips of what was actually happening during photo itself. 


  15. A great, simple shirt from the guys over at No Mas. This replica of Muhammad Ali, at the time Cassius Clay wore during his training for his upset victory over Sonny Liston. This was a huge fight for Clay, where he put it “I shook up the world!” This is such a great example of simple and clean shirts looking amazing.