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  1. So here’s some pretty great news for any athlete dealing with pre-performance “jitters”. I remember watching the Rickson Gracie documentary "Choke" where he is sitting on the couch and talking to the camera while his wife was making dinner. Rickson was describing his ritual before fights. As he explains he abstains from sex before competition to keep the body strong.

    Well this will probably be the only time I will ever say Rickson was wrong. Turns out keeping a healthy sex life will help in athletics and testosterone levels. You’re welcome my friends.  


  2. Walking Alone Book Club : 10 Minute Toughness

    Being able to not only step into the spot light, in whatever sport or facet is difficult enough but also having to go and practice for that event day in and day out is a test of passion and determination in itself. I have become fascinated by the mental side of training and competition for some time now and the more the more I learn about it the clearer the fog of mysticism lifts and the true idea reveals itself and it’s more about understanding where you stand and what needs to be done to get there.

    In "10 Minute Toughness" Jason Selk helps breakdown why people come up short on their performances before they ever step onto the stage. Through simple examples of success though his process we start to understand how obvious our mistakes in training and daily self talk (or lack of self talk) are.

    We don’t make the effort in the day to day training to know the specifics of what needs to get done to move forward in out skills. We mostly just show up and work hard. To be more conscience about the preparation with thought processes as well as actually writing them down will make all the difference.

    I really enjoyed this book and have recommended to everyone at my academy to help them grow as martial artist. This is the only book that I’ve read that comes with homework and it’s so important for continuing the structure of the system. It’s one of those things that after you learn about it you feel stupid for never looking into it before. I hope you guys pick this one up and it helps you become the best whatever it is you do, you could be.


  3. Hey stop looking at OK Cupid profiles trying to find a last minute date for Valentines Day and check out the trailer for the upcoming Manny Pacquiao documentary simply titled “Manny”.

    The Pac Man has had some amazing battles during his long career and with the help of his coach and friend Freddie Roach he might be able beat Timothy Bradley in his upcoming rematch.  


  4. It always surprises me how many people come out of the woodwork when someone strives towards a personal goal. To me these self presumed experts and commentators are subconsciously trying to hold other people down because of their own personal flaws or failures in the pursuit or even failure or trying to pursue dreams long past.

    Jake is a bad ass, he is working hard and doing what he loves and getting to spend more time with his father to boot. I know that when I was a young teen, athletics kept me out of trouble and healthy, I wanted to be the best I could be so I did the right things as often as possible.

    It’s funny, but mostly sad that people tell Jake power lifting at his age is unhealthy but no one is trying to stop kids from sitting in front of TV’s and computers, playing video games 6 hours a day while eating crap and developing terrible exercise an eating habits. Keep training bud!   


  5. There is a great, free learning tool at our disposal and most of use have never looked it as such. This tool is the UFC’s open work out video’s that are all over YouTube from many different MMA journalist’s and news site’s. 

    It’s quite a privilege to train along side some great fighters and see how they train but many of us may never get that opportunity so these video’s give us great insight of some the best fighters out there and what they work on with there coaches.

    I’ve been watching the work outs of fighters like Frankie Edgar, Canelo Alvarez, Ronda Rousey and Junior Dos Santos. Seeing the small details of how they do simple things helps understand how they do it so well in the grand stage. Watch the coaches, listen to their direction and corrections and see how the fighters take that direction.

    This is a great tool to use on “rest days” or after a hard days training. See if it helps you or in the least gives you some motivation for your own journey.   


  6. Walking Alone Product Review : C12 Recovery Supplement

    As I get more knowledgeable about nutrition in terms of athletics and performance the more I’m turning to simple plant foods and less processed foods to maximize the benefits of my hard day’s work on the mats. That being said I think there is still a good place for supplements in the daily training regiment. I think what is so helpful is that once you’re finished working out for the day, the anabolic window is really only open for 30-60 minutes prior to training so it’s so great to have something there on the spot to make sure your getting nutrition in while your body needs it most. The nice guys over at C12 asked me to try out and review their recovery supplement to see what I though about it.

    C12 Recovery is 4:1 powdered mix ratio of carbohydrate to protein that if taken immediately after working out will take advantage of the bodies anabolic window. Your muscle’s can rapidly absorb C12 before your liver or fat cells can and will reduce muscle soreness. We all talk about recovery being one of the most important factors in high quality training and supplementation can be a big factor in assisting this. 

    I usually will teach 4 hours then eat and finish the day by training 4 more hours. This type of schedule can be very taxing on my body so I was interested to test out C12 to see if it could help me. After a few times of drinking the supplement I started to notice it, but in a really interesting way. It wasn’t like I got this strange unnatural spike in energy or anything like that but I just felt refueled, strong again. It was really great to have this opportunity to take something in between training and getting home and eating.

    One of my biggest obstacles in being as healthy as possible is my post training hunger. I would be so tired and hungry from the days work out that the thought of walking to the market then home and preparing an entire meal seemed too tall of an order so I would sometime’s just pick up something on my way home, usually not the best idea for an athlete looking to preform his best. After taking C12 it would give me just enough nutrition that I could easily take on making a home cooked meal. 

    When I first looked at the serving size I was a little taken back, about 4-6 scoops, thinking once I add water this will be pretty chalky and difficult to chug down but it was surprisingly smooth and the chocolate flavor (they use real organic cocoa and palm sugar) wasn’t overly sweet. As for serving’s it comes out to about $3.28 per serving in the 1.2 lbs. container, not too bad considering the use all organic, non-GMO ingredients (Just 5 vegan ingredients) and is produced here in the USA makes this even more attractive. 

    I really like C12, I know that because the second the last round of sparring was over I would run to my gym bag and start slurping down this awesome mix, it helped and its a much “cleaner” option than most of those out there on the market today. I hope you guys try them out, they’re a small company trying to put out good stuff out there. Be sure to follow them on Twitter to see keep up to date on news and product releases!


  7. This week Cornell and I sat down with Jacob Klensin from 2.One.Fly productions. Jacob is a freelance photographer and filmmaker specializing in Muay Thai and MMA, he has been doing really cool stuff with the guys from Sitan gym in Philadelphia as well as in Thailand with Tiger Muay Thai.

    We talk about Thai boxing, photography and future projects for Jacob, how he got hooked up with Tiger MT, boxers in Mexico and a bunch of other stuff. I have so much fun talking to people in the “Fight Business” but not fighters, people who are on the outskirts of the sport who have a different point of view.

    Thanks for listening guys, again sorry for the quality of the audio, Cornell and I are doing our best while our tech buddy is on his quest to find himself in the jungles of Peru. Danny will be back in a couple of weeks and it will be back to normal soon.


  8. Does anyone enjoy these episode’s of Dog Judo more than I do? No, no there is not, I don’t know if it’s because my affinity for Monty Python and The Young One’s but this British humor really get’s me going. This month we shoot some pool with Rexley as he tries to explain his career and lack of monetary gains.

    If there ever is an episode where the dogs actually do Judo I don’t think it would ruin the show for me but it definitely wouldn’t be as funny as this. I think we all know a “Rexley” in our day to day life, and if we don’t, you’re probably him.


  9. I competed in my first BJJ tournament in almost two years this weekend, the AGL 7 in New Jersey. I’ve been so focused on my MMA fight’s I lost sight of not only how much fun these are but how helpful they are in advancing my game. This was the first time more than just one or two guys from our team competes together which was a lot of fun. Not just being there to help coach each other for our match’s but just doing something like this as a team, the road trip, the hanging out and talking while waiting for the matches to start was a fun experience.

    To compete and test yourself in front of your teammates really cultivates that team spirit. I know these guys better now because I watched them deal with adversity and danger and overcome it. I’m so proud of them not because of the medals but how we carried ourselves on and of the mats. Williamsburg MMA forever. 


  10. I’ve been impatiently waiting for BJJ Scout’s second installment to his Ronda Rousey vs Sara Mcmann takedown study. I wonder if either of these women’s coaches have any idea about these amazing breakdown video’s. Out of all of Ronda’s fights this is the most interesting to date, an Olympic medal winner in wrestler against an Olympic medal winner in Judo.

    Unfortunately I think many of the fans and press will over simplify this as simply that, a Judoka vs a wrestler, what martial art will conquer?!?!? It’s shouldn’t be boiled down to this, it should be just a a fight between two bad ass ladies and the development and evolution of MMA. i can’t wait for this fight, it’s gonna be a close one!


  11. So Under Armour has started this “Alter Ego’ compression shirt linea while back, at first they did Super Hero’s like Batman, Iron Man and Spiderman. Now they have released a limited edition of music group shirts. Including Kiss, AC/DC and my beloved Wu-Tang Clan. Still offering that great moisture transport system in a light weight compression shirt to help keep you dry and cool. A great option to wear under your gi!

    As GZA say’s "….Therefore your 52 hand-blocks was useless"  



  13. While most of American’s were tuned into the most one sided Super Bowl in recent memory, I was checking out the marathon of UFC content. One of which was Fight Flashback, in this episode we look back at Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidmen 1 from UFC 162 in November.

    It was a great upset victory but I noticed something a little interesting when the camera’s cut to Silva’s corner. Chris was able to stop Anderson with punches in their first fight but in their second fight it unfortunately came to an end when Anderson broke his leg when Chris checked one of his low kicks. I find it interesting, almost like a precursor to what would take place a few months later. Anderson is still the man and I hope he get’s all healed up soon, hespect!  


  14. Oh snap, my buddy "Super" Brad Boulton is at it again with his latest video, this time turning his attention to another Ricardo Almeida teammate, and legit athletic freak of nature, Jonavin Webb. These hype video’s do exactly that, they get me hyped! Jonavin is fighting this Saturday against Whitney Jean-Francois at CFFC 31 in Atlantic City.

    Good luck to both Jonavin and Brad who’s also fighting soon! These two guys have been awesome training partners for me when I go to New Jersey, great job on the video Brad!


  15. Walking Alone Book Club : “Raw Combat”

    So I figured since we had Jim Genia on the podcast last week it seemed appropriate to place his book “Raw Combat” as the February WA book club entry. I read this book in under four days, not only because he was going to be on the podcast and I wanted to be sure to have read the book in it’s entirety before he came on but it was such a fun and interesting read. 

    Detailing the MMA scene in New York state, it’s fight to gain legalization and the surrounding promotions in the tri-state area. One of which is the Underground Combat League (UCL), full of colorful characters, it’s one of the last places to see weight class miss match’s, Kung-Fu guys taking on bouncers, the Bloodsport stuff. 

    As a fighter in NYC this book is such a great look into the MMA world surrounding my daily life. Go support a good dude who’s working very hard to help push the sport into the hands into those whom may be unaware of how great it is. Buy it, witchur money.