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  1. The legend of clean comedy himself, Jerry Seinfeld stopped by Reddit to do one of those always awkward “Ask me anything’s”. Fortunately Jerry was able to grace us with some tips on productivity. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to consistently put out episode after episode of gold. Not to mention how to deal with the mounting pressure to continue to be funny and insightful for 9 seasons. These tips are very translatable for whatever it is you are doing in your life.    


  2. Every week I keep finding myself watching The Tommy Toe Hold Show trying to convince myself that the last 89 episode’s were a fluke and this one couldn’t possibly be that funny again. Yet I sit here with a stupid grin on my face after thoroughly enjoying myself.

    This month Vitor get’s his title shot after pestering Uncle Dana, Ronda joins NWO, Uriha Hall apologizes about basically everything and Tommy talks to both Anderson and Chris after their strange fight. My inner child is brimming with happiness after these silly shows, now go buy on of his TTTHS shirts!


  3. Walking Alone Product Review: Decibullz Moldable Earphone’s


    For most of us grappler’s and fighter’s developing cauliflower ear is both a rite of passage and a huge pain in the ass when it comes to finding a pair of headphones that fit. After exchanging a few emails with the nice people over at Decibullz I came home to find a small package waiting on my doorstep. 

    The idea behind Decibullz is awesome, to sell  inexpensive moldable earphone adapter’s that you can just pop in the microwave and mold into your ears. They not only offer their own headphones with the molds or you could just pick up the molds themselves for under $15 bucks compared to some of the other companies that can go for over $170 dollars. 

    For me unfortunately they didn’t quite fit, they just have a bit too much of the material to fit in my ugly, mangled ears. I am bummed because they are a solid product but the fact that I have cauliflower built up not only on the top of my ear but actually in my ear is whats causing the problem.

     I really like this brand and their product, it’s simple and serves a good purpose. If you have “normal” cauliflower ear I think these will work awesome for you, they can be used with most in-ear headphones so that’s a big plus. It only took a few minutes to mold them so it’s not a hassle. Go buy these and stop fumbling with those crap headphones that keep falling out every time you go for a run or hit the heavy bag.


  4. Walking Alone Bookclub: “The Inner Game Of Tennis”

    It’s a new year so starting off with a new addition to the book club seems in order. This month I present to you, “The Inner Game Of Tennis” by Timothy Gallwey. I am constantly looking outside the martial arts realm to find new ideas that can help me in my pursuits as a fighter and instructor. Learning to learn has becoming one of my biggest obsessions in the last few months and this book blew my socks off.

    In the book, Timothy, an educator and tennis pro tells the story of how he came to discover what he calls “The Inner Game”, the sport or activity in it’s truest nature and played though the integrity and focus that brings with it the results we are all looking for. His theories and ideas are so simple yet I would have never really thought of them in this way. Here is a really good “In a nutshell” breakdown of the book for more information if you’re still uncertain if a few bucks and some time is not worth discovering how you can preform the way you want to. 

    It’s not about self improvement, it’s not about constantly repeating the desired technique in your mind, it’s not about thinking positively all the time. it’s about focusing on the honest self and letting the body play the way it knows, not the way the mind memorized. Get this book, it was awesome.    


  5. You may find him cocky, brash, flamboyant and even intolerable, but Floyd Mayweather is beyond successful. Not only is he still an undefeated boxer at 45-0, he is a promoter, and owner of The Money Team apparel brand. Which of two days ago released an image of there newest design “Money At The End Of The Rainbow”, the notorious ‘TMT’ logo with a rainbow above it. Floyd stated on his twitter, "The money team does not discriminate, we support everybody!" 

    Now I don’t know how much is that is his actual belief’s and how much is wanting to gain profit from every possible but I still think this is awesome. For a man as high profile in a sport not known as being very open to the homosexual community is a great sign for the passing of hate and ignorant times of the past. I want this shirt.


  6. There is one day a month I look forward to most of all, the day the new episode of Dog Judo is released and goddamn it if today isn’t that day. On this episode Roy introduces us to the many forms of public transit in London, how to control your sexual orientation on the bus and how to unlock free travel on the “Tube”, there name for subway. I can never get enough of these. This episode is a little light on Rexley but hopefully that means more of him next month!



  8. Going Backwards To Go Forwards.


     One major epiphany I’ve had as of recent in the subject of the learning process has helped not only my own struggles on the mat but as well as the struggles of my teammates and students. That idea is, as I put it, “Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards”. Now it may sounds over simplified or even too Confucius-y for some people but it’s something I have been toying with for some time. Just like in the classic video game "Frogger" you don’t win by sprinting across the street but by carefully dissecting the oncoming traffic and patiently waiting for the right opportunity to safely make it across.

     There seems to me to be one major way of thinking for this, it is in trying to take on too much (Technique) too soon, so coming back to the basic’s and once you again cross path’s with the original technique you are better equip to handle and learn it correctly. The basic idea of “Going Backwards” can be implemented into many different branches of the learning process. 

     For example, when I was having trouble with my lead hook, I was over rotating and finishing the punch well past my target, leaving me exposed to strikes. I had to “Go Backwards” and dissect my hook until it was just my arm carving through the air, slowly, by itself until my body mechanics matched what I wanted. Then I could start rebuilding the rest of my body little by little around the now “fixed” punch.

     The problem I’ve found is that most of us are either too stubborn or proud to be able to not only admit the problem but take the time to fix something we thought we had already learned. Being honest and subjective about our own skills and technique can be one of our greatest assets as a martial artist. 


  9. One of the most annoying parts about training in BJJ/MMA is having to take time off until you get rid of ringworm and even staph. I personally take a few extra precautionary steps to ensure I don’t have to sit due to that kind of stuff. One way to be sure to clean off any kind of fungus or virus is to use a proper soap designed for combat sports, like Arm Bar Soap. Considering how terrible those plastic micro beads in gel soaps are I like how Arm Bar soap has walnut shell bits and even crushed coffee beans to acts as an exfoliate.

    This is a pretty cool little commercial, it’s basically a dude getting to live the dream. Wake up, drink some coffee and get some rolls in. Don’t get ringworm, it’s gross and no one will want to roll with you and then your barato-plata’s are gonna suck. 


  10. With all the rapid and sometimes bewildering advances in our World we are now introduced into what could very well be the future of food, or better yet the future after food. Soylent is a a powder with basically everything the body needs to functions, kind of like that goop they were eating in The Matrix. Seem’s scary doesn’t it? Life without food but with the population constantly growing who knows what the future holds for our farms and factories.

    In this video Brian Merchant decided to be the second person to live strictly off Soylent for 30 days. A feat that would seem to surely mentally defeat most people. Maybe it’s because I’m an athelte and am no stranger to chugging down chalky protein shakes almost everyday, this doesn’t seem so far fetched to me. 

    Soylent is getting a lot of financial support from both investors and people pre-ordering their packages, maybe people are ready to stop eating, or even eating less and supplementing with Soylent. Either way if this could help people from starving to death it should be something we really put thought into Luckily Soylent is vegan, so I’ll be down to try it, maybe it will help fighters cut weight.


  11. I have posted and talked about this man ever since I first watched his segment on "Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel" two years ago and someone who, when I started the podcast was on the very top of my list of dream guest’s. Ashrita Furman is most known for being the man with the Guinness World record for most world records. On the surface it looks like a man with a drive to obtain as many records as possible but in reality it’s much simpler and in a way much more complex, he is on a spiritual journey to find god though athletics.

    He wants to use these feats of strength, dexterity, coordination and imagination to introduce people to meditation and self discovery. I am so happy I was able to sit down and talk with him and share thoughts and ideas with him. He has become such an inspiration for me, I hope you guys enjoy!


  12. I’m not very knowledgeable about music, I never even heard about Joy Division until I watched the bio-pic "Control" based on the band and their tormented front man Ian Curtis. Yet I did know their band shirt, the black shirt with some shaky lines from the cover of the album “Unknown Pleasures”. 

    The guys over at RVDDW, my absolute favorite brand in MMA came up with this cool spoof on the highly recognizable shirt. I really enjoy MMA shirts that don’t scream “Hey I’m a tough guy”. If you want to learn more about the Joy Division album cover check out this interesting article here.


  13. The man who walked away from the UFC to find himself in India, Jonathan Brookins. This is a long article so all I’m going to say is I am a big Brookins fan and I think you should read this, I have some of the same thoughts and feelings about this sport and it’s very inspiring to read this man’s journey. 


  14. There are few people in the sport that conjure up the same emotions as Fernando Terere, a legend of the sport but also a man who has had to deal with more than his share of demons. One of the most prolific and successful BJJ competitors, Terere has come back and forth from drug addiction to getting his life back on track to yet fall into drug abuse again last year. One can only hope he is getting the proper support from his friends and family, as it looks like in this video.

    Brought to us by Dan Lewis and Eat Films this short video talks with Terere as he visits London Fight Factory and we learn more about his thoughts on the future of the sport, his own goals and what BJJ players should be doing to improve their own game. I can’t agree with him more about not just sticking to what you’re already good at but expanding out and trying new techniques. 

    Anderson Silva also happened to drop by while Terere was there to talk with the students, lucky them, but you got to witness how big of an idol Terere is to all the “Old School” guys. Respect the one’s who did it before you. 


  15. So after my fights I like to take some time to reflect and thank all the wonderful people who have helped me get to this point in my life. First and foremost, thank you to my Professor, mentor, boss and friend Roger Mamedov for his tireless effort to help me not only become the best martial artist possible but the best person I can be. Thank you and congratulations on making there MMA debut’s last night to Humberto and Jaime Perea for all of their help and hard work in the academy, especially over the last 2 months. Thanks to Eric, Charlie, Erin, Nate, Caleb, Zack, Magic, Jarek, Eric Luc, Marc, Ashley, Gerard, Joesph, Big Cat and Christeen for coming either down to the fights or to the celebratory pizza party. It really means the world to me to have such great people in my life supporting my silly endeavors.

    MMA may be not considered a “Team” sport but I did not get into the level I am today, not that by any means I am High level, by myself. I am just an example of all of my teammates and of course my instructor. We have something so special at Williamsburg MMA and I cherish it very much, we may be a small team but we are a family. 

    Finally thank you again to Mr and Mrs Perez for all they have done for me as a fighter, their support has been very helpful in getting me into the cage. 

    Oh and thank you to my opponent Jason, he was a class act the entire day and has a big heart, I hope he doesn’t hold his head down for too long, he had the courage to step into the cage and fight another man. That’s more than most humans will ever do. Respect!