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WALKING ALONE.: The awesome dudes over at Kill The Five Thieves ...

  1. The awesome dudes over at Kill The Five Thieves sent me some of their shirts to check out, all the way from New Zeland!

    “Kill The Five Thieves stands for the idea that everyone has the ability to live the life they want and achieve the goals that they set for themselves, but that sometimes the things that stop us from doing so aren’t just negative outside influences but the negative elements that are within ourselves – our own Ego, Attachment, Greed, Hate and Doubt. Hence, the five thieves. It’s these elements that are stealing our ability to achieve our goals. It’s about self reflection and looking within and destroying these negative elements and setting on a positive path to accomplish whatever goals we set for ourselves.”

    These shirts are really top notch, not only do they fit perfectly, they’re not too soft, where they feel like tissue paper that’s going to stretch every time you take it on and off. Their design is very eye catching in its simplicity. Not an annoying or over aggressive MMA brand, Kill The Five Thieves is doing it the right way. This new wave of MMA brands is really helping to change the image of what true MMA fighters and fans are really like. I hope you all check out their stuff over at ktftclothing.co.nz also follow them @killthe5thieves. Thank you again Ash!