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WALKING ALONE.: Vega’s founder Brendan Brazier @vegateam just...

  1. Vega’s founder Brendan Brazier @vegateam just started a free online health and performance program called “Thrive Forward”. It’s a very cool idea, designed to teach you about food basics and tackle you own health problems or concerns by breaking them down into groups.

    For example if you have problems sleeping he has a whole section on finding out why you’re having problems and what foods can help. There’s sections on mood,  optimal weight, stress and immune function.

    I just signed up for Thrive Forward and I think you should too, it can benefit everyone. If you know more, you can help yourself more. I hope people sign up and support Brendan and Vega but purchasing their products so they keep doing great stuff like this.

    Go check out thriveforward.com to sign up and learn more, also be sure to look at myvega.com to see all they have to offer. 

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